Hello there- my name is Susan Baumgartner and I’m a landscape designer with a master’s degree in landscape architecture, bachelor’s degree in biology, have several years experience working in a garden center as a horticulturist, a lifelong gardener and self-proclaimed naturalist. I have a passion for plants and nature. I also see humans as a integral part of the “web of nature” and our collective historical avoidance of this connection is in part responsible for the sad state of environmental affairs at present.

I believe strongly that people can indeed be part of the solution, and not the problem. And I believe that starting in our own backyards is an ideal way to re-connect with nature and its processes.

In so doing, I hope to take my career in a direction that I would be extremely satisfied by – to design environments inclusive of all flora and fauna (humans included).To design places for people to live, work, play & breathe that support the idea of we as a part of the whole of nature.


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